Friday, October 24, 2014

Oi Familia,                                                                    Oct 24, 2014 

To answer your questions, yes I got the quad I love it, cool I'm excited to get my Christmas presents. It makes me happy to hear you guys are reading the book of Mormon again it's an amazing book. Laundry is great not that good cuz we can't use bleach so yeah interesting but good.
So this week was a little different, long story short I got a new companion. His name is Elder Burt from Oregon. He is really cool I like him a lot and he was a visa waiter for 3 weeks in Provo. Before I got him I was paired with the zone leaders as a trio for a couple of days which was weird because I guess that technically made me district/zone leader. Not really but that's what we kind of joked about it.
This week we went proselyting which was really awesome, way better than P day but it was really intimidating too. We each got two book of Mormons to give out and they took us on the bus into the middle of the city it was definitely a new experience. It was the only kind of big city experience I've had with people walking everywhere. I felt really small and out of place. The night before, I told myself I am just going to talk to everyone but that isn't quite how it happened. I got rejected the first time but after that we found this guy who at first wasn't interested because he thought we wanted to sell him something but then we told him no we have a present for you and it is free and he got interested and asked us why he needs the book of Mormon if he has the bible already. So we ended up talking with him and bearing our testimony with him for like 30 min which was amazing. We got his name number and address too so I got my first investigator. We also got a couple others too ha ha a lot of the people here are really nice there is always a couple who aren't very social but most are patient with us. I am excited to get out in the field. Love you guys!

Elder Riddle

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