Friday, October 3, 2014

CTM Arrival in Sao Paulo

Mom and Dad                                                                                                                Oct 1, 2014

Well I unpacked and found all of your excessive notes. Niceee... btw I unpacked and then packed up the big suit case with everything I don't need right now, (its full) and stowed it away. Thanks though and yeah I wish I had leftovers. We met up with a ton of missionaries in Detroit and flew in to Brazil together, they are awesome. And the flight was really sweet (and tempting) I really wanted to watch movies but I didn't. Plus we got 2 meals, they were alright. The flight was like all Brazilians too so I didn't know what they were saying, however I was able to pick up a little bit and talk small talk with the guy next to me (he smelled really bad btw like really bad!) Brazil is so much different than America and I've only been here for 2 hours. Lots to tell only a little time but yeah my companion is cool and one of the guys in my room is from London. Everyone keeps saying its hot here, I think it's beautiful the windows are open and it's breezy. It is pretty moist but I was expecting that. I hope you guys are having fun in the desert!  p.s. their keyboards here are screwed up. Love you guys. Oh and I've only been mugged once since being here so I guess everything is fine! bye talk to you next week.
Elder Riddle 
P.S I was kidding on the mugged part.



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